3 Ways To Attract More Financial Prosperity In The Digital Economy As An Entrepreneur

For decades we have been nurturing poverty in our homes and places of work. It has become the most prevailing paradigm. There are deep roots of anxiety and fear that people can’t seem to break free from and it is these very roots that have caused the pain and agony that so many have and continue to suffer from in the area of money.

The dying traditional economy might have put you through a lot of pain and you may have come to a point in your life where you’re fed up of running through that old treadmill. Having found out in one way or another that the digital age has an emerging economy that could give you a fresh start, you might be among the individuals who’s chosen to rewrite destiny and create a new lifestyle and business that will give you the freedom and abundance you’ve been seeking all your life.

What you feel inside is absolutely right and true for you, however, merely having the wish and going about taking physical actions to bring this new desire to life isn’t sufficient on its own. Many have tried and in their ignorance have failed assuming that some external variable was responsible but the truth is, there is more work to be done by every modern individual who seeks a new way of life; work that doesn’t involve physical toil yet bears great consequences on the results that will be attained in the physical realm. It is this obscure work that many neglect and so I hope that as of this moment, you will join the minority who have chosen to create real and lasting prosperity and success.

How is this done?

Realize that the culprit behind the lack experienced by billions in our world today is the spirit of fear. Anxiety, overwhelm, worry, stress are all different flavors of fear and when it comes to the topic of money, I think the spirit of fear has set up permanent residency in the minds of humanity in a major way. Here’s the thing I have found about fear: The spirit of fear actually makes an individual dysfunctional and locked out of his or her own creativity and inspiration. It’s almost like the spirit of fear gets a kick out of keeping unwary minds under bondage because then, they remain in that state of struggle and survival mode which completely makes the human mind disabled and incapable of unleashing all that the individual was meant to be. And from that state, the thing that was actually feared becomes manifest, proving the fear paradigm right which produced this circle of doom from which it seems impossible to escape.

Growing up in the second biggest slums of Nairobi, I have seen firsthand just how devastating this circle of doom can be and how real evil can actually appear. Today, I spend my days trying to help individuals like you awaken to the truth that all these seeming evils have power because for centuries we gave them power – but now it’s time to take it back.

Hence if you are on a new journey and are working on new ways to increase prosperity in your life, along with all other things that you’re diligently applying to help you reach your goals, please implement these three:

1. Release the fear paradigm

This will definitely take a bit of work because as we said the root of fear goes deep in the race mind. But understand that each time you partner up with fear and allow that lying voice to have an impact in your life then you disconnect yourself from your power and source of all things. It’s very difficult for you to attract new opportunities that are lucrative when you are stuck in the state of anxiety and worry because that vibration screams something very different from prosperity. People who are stuck in welfare or in the slums are the ones who need prosperity the most and yet they have the hardest time acquiring it why? It isn’t because life is unfair or unjust… I used to say that too! But the truth is, the vibration of fear, only attracts things of a like nature. The vibration of poverty and lack only attracts things that perpetuate more of the same. Learn effective and practical ways for releasing this belief and you’ll be amazed how rapidly things start changing.

2. Cultivate the right mindset.

The right mindset in my opinion is the prosperity mindset. It is the mindset we were all meant to have; the rich, abundant and generous mindset that trusts in life and has its roots in what’s real in life. Of course the quality of life most people have today shows us that we’ve lost track of that mindset so it’s up to you to reclaim yours if you wish to design your own thriving lifestyle and business. Only a prosperous mind can attract prosperity and a thriving business. If you don’t know what that looks like, then now you have something to do a bit of research on…

3. Connect with your creativity and individuality.

This is by far one of the best things you will ever do in your life if you want to increase your financial prosperity. And again, fear with all its many disguises will make sure you never connect to your creativity even though – your creativity is the surest way of attracting more income.

Life is seeking to manifest through you and as you, but when stuck in fear, that flow doesn’t happen which means that in turn, that reciprocal action of financial abundance flowing into your life will also remain constricted. Are you getting the picture I am trying to paint here for you?

The beautiful truth is, our emerging digital economy is offering you a platform and vehicle to reach more people than ever before and grow your business faster than ever before which means that as long as you flow your creativity and authenticity, an equal amount of abundance will meet you right where you stand. So while the business strategies and motivational strategies that you’ve taken on are brilliant (if you like them) know that all of these things are secondary to these three essentials that I just shared with you. Now that you know them, it’s up to you whether they become the magical formula your mind has been waiting for or not.